In 1970, Kosovar Albanian Ismajl »Smajl« Hoxhaj only came to Germany to buy a tape recorder. But it is only now — more than 40 years later — that he left Germany to go back to Kosovo as a pensioner. In the meantime, he has bought many tape recorders, started a family and, as a political activist, fought passionately for the independence of Kosovo far from his actual home.
The documentary tells the story of Smajl.
 A story of homesickness and home, of conflicts with his children and the dream of a patriot.
It is the story of a migrant worker in Germany

Director :Philipp Majer Language :Arabic Country :Germany
Producer :Philipp Majer Editor :Anne Kliem Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Marco Braun Year :2015 Duration:45 Mins


Director Name

Philipp Majer

Director Biography

Philipp Majer, born on May 30, 1982, is an independent filmmaker from Saarbrücken, Germany. He has a passion for authentic people and bizarre and funny stories. His films are affectionate and have a strong cinematic look.

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