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Runaway (Uronchondi)


This is a story of a journey, a journey of three women belonging to three different ages and generations, in search of LIFE. This is a story of Bengal, its women, its nature, its unexplored yet rich culture. This is a story that starts and ends on THE ROAD.   


Arjaa Banerjee, Sudipta Chakraborty, Jayanta Hore, Koushik Kar, Rajnandini Paul, Amartya Ray, Chitra Sen

Director :Abhishek Saha Language :Bengali Country :India
Producer :Prosenjit Chatterjee Editor :Sujay Datta Ray Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Soumik Haldar Year :2018 Duration:101 Mins


Director Name

Abhishek Saha

Director Biography

Abhishek Saha is a popular Director. Latest movie which Abhishek Saha has directed is Uronchondi.

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