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This Petromax is brighter.....

Most Directors stand in despair watching their audience laugh out loud watching the ghosts in their horror movies, the brainchild of their months long hard work. “How do you have the heart to laugh like this?” is their question. But scriptwriters are the ones in the shock of their lives when they hear the audience say that, horror movies are their only hope in the absence of actors like Robin Williams and Chris Farley. They will have to get involved in an extensive research on how to plant audience to the seats for two hours straight.

Tamil directors like Mysskin and Karthik started thinking out of the box taking into consideration this situation of depreciation in the “value of horror”. That might be the reason why their movies like pisaasu and pizza were able to make the audience return home after the movie drenched in fear. Not only did the movie based on De Monte colony in Chennai turn out to be a success, it also got converted to a tourist centre later.

The movie “Petromax”, starred by superstar Tamannaah, which is now running in theatres, is a movie which has gone that extra mile to change primitive concept of horror movies in audience. This movie, which is an amalgamation of both drama and fiction, takes along humor and horror hand in hand. The relaxation in this movie is that, right before one gets exhausted from a hearty laugh, there comes a horror packed something. Super hit Telugu movie “Anando Brahma” must have been remade in Tamil since the story had proved its success once. Good news is that, the Director Rohin Venkatesan has tried to bring out numerous new changes in the Tamil version which were absent in the Telugu movie. Cinematographer Dani Raymond proved that a small “jallikattu” can also be set up using ghosts. In Kerala, movies are brought to theatres by “Indywood Distribution Network” of Aries Group.

This is not a movie which is targeted at audiences like movie students and enthusiasts who approach movies seriously. It is also better for audience who look forward for realism in movies, to skip and move on. On the other hand, if you are amused by ghosts and if you wish to set aside a space in your heart for them, you can readily set light to this Petromax along with your family. In its light, you can also indulge in a small chit-chat with ghosts or get scared a bit now and then.

Rating:  3.5 /5.


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