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Movie list | All Lights India International Film Festival

Guest Industry Screenings - Bengali Movies



By : Kaushik Ganguly
| |
The latest technology of digital cinema threatens the survival of a small town movie theatre in West Bengal leading to a tussled between the owner Pranebendu and his so.....readmore
India | 2016 | 105 Mins


By : Debesh Chattopadhyay
| |
Journey of a female theatre artist is always a multi-dimensional conflicting experience as a girl, as a woman and even as an artist. It is more so especially when a wom.....readmore
India | 2015 | 121 Mins


By : Kamaleswar Mukherjee
| |
A young couple Rishav and Sohag, meet a mysterious man on an idyllic vacation in a seaside resort at Koelphuli. Though Rishav chooses to ignore him, Soh.....readmore
India | 2016 | 132 Mins


By : Raja Sen
| |
Maya Mridanga is a film based of Syed Mustafa Sirajs novel that tries to throw light on the psychology of artistes and the varied motivations that drive them. With music being the central theme, the film revolves aroun.....readmore
India | 2016 | 124 Mins


By : Somanath Gupta
| |
To win the best award, in the most important Indian festival celebrating the win of good over evil, Club organisers decides to make their festival pandal (marquee) a broken one as a theme of terrorism. A jobless group .....readmore
India | 2015 | 112 Mins

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