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Competition for Indian Films Indywood Panorama



By : Sudhanshu Sharma
| |
In the Malwa-Nimar region of Western Madhya Pradesh (An Indian State), ‘Kalichaat’ is the name for a kind of exceptionally hard rock. Encountering it while digging for water is considered no less than a dis.....readmore
India | 2016 | 86 Mins


By : Deep Choudhury
| |
Ali, a daily wage earner living in the vicinity of a sprawling city, has to cope with uncertainty, hardship and abuses. He is at the mercy of a forest guard for not being evicted from his family’s new-found habit.....readmore
India | | 109 Mins


By : Sheby Chawghat
| |
The story revolves around a lodge and completely shot inside the lodge rooms. It is a technically 'single shot movie' in which the camera is rolling continuously from one room to another to reveal the secrets of a murd.....readmore
India | 2017 | 94 Mins


By : Jaicheng Jai Dohutia
| |
Heramoni, mother of untraced extremist Mukti, whose last rites she had performed receives intimation that his death cannot be confirmed by the outfit and knows not how to respond. While Biplob, who had left the outfit .....readmore
India | 2016 | 83 Mins


By : Pragati Kolage
| |
A film, Palyadawasi, is based on the real fact of the hapless 'Paradhi' tribe in India that has been suffering from injustice by police and other elements of the society. Unfortunately, they still have to live on outsk.....readmore
India | 2017 | 120 Mins


By : Prithvi Konanur
| |
In India every year an estimated 125000 children runaway from home using the railways for various reasons. While some of them are returned home, the rest survive on platforms enduring a life of abuse, substance abuse, .....readmore
India | 2016 | 115 Mins


By : Rajesh Touchriver
| |
Exploitation of the proletariat by the capitalist bourgeoisie has been triggering factor for the greatest social revolutions across the globe, right from El Porfiriato in Mexico to the Great Proletarain Cultural Revolu.....readmore
India | 2017 | 125 Mins

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