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Movie list | All Lights India International Film Festival

Short Film Corner



By : Nurith Cohn
| |
Prof. Yossi Kleinmann is an uncharismatic history professor lecturing on political leaders in totalitarian regimes. Neither his students nor his domineering wife show him any respect. At a Sabbath weekend celebrating t.....readmore
Israel | 2015 | 29 Mins


By : Renjit Varma
| |
Confessing your sins to a stranger can be therapeutic..!!! This film depicts a chance encounter between two murderers burying their victims. As their conversation unfolds, we realiz.....readmore
India | 2017 | 15 Mins


By : Bruno
| |
Squatters living in an abandoned building receive a notice that they may be evicted some time soon. While Anna tries to deal with the news, she has to confront a mysterious man lying in her bed. .....readmore
Brazil | 2015 | 20 Mins


By : Felix Karolus
| |
„Action, Action. You have power over me, nonetheless I have no need of you and I don't like you anymore. I will leave you now and then you can kiss my butt.“ Everybody thinks to be on top of the game and to.....readmore
Germany | 2017 | 17 Mins


By : Celine Held & Logan George
| |
Vanessa and Danny are down on their luck, so when an unlikely can of Unica brand beans falls to their kitchen floor, they aim to squeeze out every penny......readmore
USA | 2017 | 11 Mins


By : Josef Brandl
| |
The big wheel in the most exciting area of the city is the perfect real estate for Jakob and Nicole, a young, ambitious and firmly in the event culture anchored couple. When one of the popular gondolas becomes free, th.....readmore
Germany | 2017 | 15 Mins


By : Karsten Dahlem
| |
When gang leader Ole (11) and his buddies Marco (10) and Milan (12) nicked twelve year old Davie's school bag, Ole would never in his wildest dreams have imagined that a short time later he would appear on stage with D.....readmore
Germany | 2017 | 16 Mins


By : Volker Petters
| |
SUPERHEROES is a film about friendship, courage and tolerance. It is a story about teenage outsiders who are searching for their place in life.  Phil is too small for his age. This makes him the target of provocat.....readmore
Germany | 2017 | 15 Mins


By : Veeru Murugappan
| |
This is a short narrative on Oscar Deluzuriaga, a young racing driver who's looking to make it to the pinnacle of Motorsport, no matter the odds......readmore
Singapore | 2017 | 7 Mins


By : Church of Almighty God
| |
Since it came to power in Mainland China in 1949, the Chinese Communist Party has been unceasing in its persecution of religious faith. It has frantically arrested and murdered Christians, expelled and abused missionar.....readmore
Korea | 2017 | 30 Mins


By : Berin Tuzlic
| |
This film story is built on the myth of Michelangelo saying that he was the first one who created the angel out of the stone… after which he entered the churches and began to create a Christian Gods and Saints, .....readmore
Bosnia and Herzegovina | 2017 | 4 Mins


By : Tushnik Chaudhuri
| |
A film about loneliness,grief and loss.Three stories interwoven together connected through a fish......readmore
India | 2017 | 35 Mins


By : Arshad Ali
| |
A gang of five friends get into trouble with the local underground mafia,when one them gets into a doggy business and fools the othe to join him by making them submit to a sport competition.....readmore
Malaysia | 2017 | 20 Mins


By : Yiannis Zafiris
| |
On a barren wintry scenery, an abandoned football field, unravels the story of a man, a woman and a child. The man and woman withdraw inside a car, while the child remains outside, despite the cold, kicking a ball. When man’s effor.....readmore
Greece | 2016 | 10 Mins


By : Yutang Wang
| |
In 2035, Ran Lin, a police officer in Time Administration, time travels back to 2015, the year of his father got killed in front of him. He lost his father at age of nine, and ever since then there was not a day he cou.....readmore
China | 2016 | 17 Mins


By : Selkin Fedor
| |
Alexey is a novice sportsman. He is arranging a course of powerlifting trainings for his grandfather, who is going to marry shortly. Despite of the advanced age, the bride is dreaming of all the wedding traditions. One.....readmore
Russia | 2016 | 12 Mins


By : Phil Lowe
| |
One Saturday morning, a middle aged couple decide to make love in their car in the driveway to put a spark back in their marriage – only to find it has rather the opposite effect.. .....readmore
UK | 2016 | 9 Mins


By : Rima Irani
| |
A patient is attending a session with his hypnotherapist. Thepurpose is to travel back to childhood. The therapist prepares thepatient for the journey. The subject regresses tow.....readmore
Lebanon | 2015 | 12 Mins


By : Christo Tomy
| |
Divya, a 17 year old school girl realizes that she is pregnant from her estranged boyfriend. Disregarding her family and school obligations sh.....readmore
India | 2015 | 24 Mins


By : Olzhas Akhmetov
| |
Azamat was fired because of malpractice. He was a good surgeon in the past, but now he is an alcoholic. His wife left him, because he doesn’t .....readmore
Kazakhstan | 2015 | 18 Mins


By : Ana mancera
| |
Lola is being held captive, forced to be a prostitute by a Mexican Pimp, she tries to escape but can only do this in her imagination where she is a be.....readmore
Mexico | 2016 | 24 Mins

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