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Student Short Films International Competition



By : Rafael Trejo Ortega
Maya is a girl from Guanajuato, Mexico, who dreams getting into an audition in Broadway, despite all her personal barriers......readmore
Mexico | 2018 | 30 Mins


By : Johannes Engelhardt
Rouff is sad: He only has three legs and is alone. Then he folds Pete from the paper he is drawn on. This is not only the beginning of a wonderful freindship, but also the meeting of to kinds of animated film – 2.....readmore
Germany | 2017 | 07 Mins


By : Jyothi Kalyan Sura
After losing her boyfriend to depression, a computer scientist creates and anti-depression AI application and looks for funding to complete it. Following a string of failed interviews, she enters her final interview wh.....readmore
United States | 2018 | 14 Mins


By : Tania Kamal-Eldin
Behind High Walls is an allegory of the demise of the Arab revolution. The protagonist, Karim, is a disillusioned young man who has passed away under enigmatic circumstances. His soliloquy is intercut with vignettes fr.....readmore
Egypt | 2018 | 12 Mins


By : Shashank Mhasawade
Lakshmi (the wealth goddess), the second wife of out-of-work yet conceited funeral priest Kesubhat, struggles to make a home from scattered family of five members. She follows a weird remedy recommended by Gangu Jogtin.....readmore
India | 2018 | 27 Mins


By : Kunika Kharat
Saad is a story of an old couple longing for their children and living a mundane life when an unexpected event takes place in their house which changes their lives......readmore
India | 2017 | 20 Mins


By : Lakshmi Sathish
'Hers Truly' traces the emotional journey of a loving stepmother, Lakshmi who has to part with her 5-year-old daughter, Aditi owing to a custody battle; but instead, she decides to fight against fate......readmore
UAE | 2018 | 16 Mins


By : Heshvanth Gurukul
A young adult Advaith starts an unlikely friendship with a Gay rights activist Pushkar whose acts and actions are opposed by and condemned by his friends and the entire society around him. Advaith maintains his friends.....readmore
India | 2018 | 24 Mins


By : Rakesh Varma
A 10 year old boy, who has a burning desire to pursue education at any cost, is forced to become a rag picker due to his family’s poor economic situation. And a rich 60 year old man, who has all the luxuries and .....readmore
India | 2018 | 22 Mins

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