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When Geek Meets Serial Killer


Zhang Jian-He, a reserved and ratherintroverted cartoonist, is dating a beautiful andconservative girlfriend, YaShi. One day, in anunfortunate dispute with his best buddy Chen-Jun, is accidently killed by him.To cover up his deed, Jian-He cleaned thebloodstains and any entailing evidence of thecrime scene, and finds an unique and creativeway to dispose of Chen-Jun's body.Soon Jian-He discovers a shocking truths: ThatChen-Jun was sleeping with YaShi all the time.Zhang Jian-He realises that he was being cheatedby all this while.The story soon brings out traces of a serial killerJia-Ming, who murdered his own father when hewas a minor. Disguised as a policeman, Jia-Mingreturn to his killing spree soon after his releasedfrom the prison, and through an online instantmessenger, Jia-Ming get to know Zhang Jian-He.Curiously, Jia-Ming paid a visit to Jian-He's homeand discovered that Yashi is accusing him for themurder of Chen-Jun.The story follows with an enticing, dark andhumorous line which will change the life of Jian-He and Jia-Ming forever.


Bryant Chang Rui0Jia , Shiga Lin, JC Chee

Director :Remus Kam and Eric Cheng Language :English Country :Malaysia
Producer :Not Updated Editor :Not Updated Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Not Updated Year :2015 Duration:91 Mins


Director Name

Remus Kam and Eric Cheng

+91 9072315933