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Dec 01 - 05,  Kochi,  India

100 rupees


A role play event at school turns into an obsession for Arvind, a shy ten year old boy living a simple life in a remote village in Karnataka, India, with his mother, grandfather and friends. Arvind realizes that the event could be his best shot at impressing Indu, his so-near-yet-so-far classmate. She makes his heart go cartwheeling though he only admires her from a distance. Convinced that all is fair in love and attraction, he consciously decides to cross the line of integrity. But the path he chooses to seek Indu’s attention brings tears to his mother eyes adding to the woes of his family that is being victimized by a corrupt village official. How far away Arvind drifts from his original world of simplicity, whether he manages to sneak his way into Indu’s heart and how the family gets away from the clutches of a corrupt bureaucracy makes for a thought-provoking climax to the movie.

Director :Prashanth Raj Language :Hindi Country :India
Producer :Not Updated Editor :Not Updated Screening Type:Not Updated
Cinematographer :Not Updated Year :2015 Duration:19 Mins


Director Name

Prashanth Raj

Director Biography

Prashanth Raj is an Architect and Entrepreneur who found his calling in making movies. He learnt the art of film making course from the legendary Pankaj Roy at the Institute of Moving Images. This is Prashanth’s second short film, after “Psycho’s Jury”, which is immensely popular among the Architecture students community. .He is a person who always begins with a clear vision of the end in mind in all his projects. His desire to convey a strong social message, coupled with a passion for perfection, makes him a movie maker to watch out for!
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