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Lovestruck! The Musical


Lovestruck! The Musical is aboutNoah, a young man with an inclination to telloverly cheerful stories that are packed witheverything a good musical needs: sunshine, love,and a good ol' fashioned shark flu. As he leaveshis hometown of Blissburg, he arrives inKnawkemoutville, a city obsessed with boxing,violence, and rampage, in hopes of renting atheatre where he can exhibit his most recentmusical sensation: LOVESICK! With theexception of Mia, the town's most hard-hittingboxer, few citizens of Knawkemoutville are fansof Noah's monumental work. Seeing this, herealizes he must adapt his play to becomesomething that people will pay to see, even if itmight not be his cup of tea, or be forced out ofthe town. With the help of the experiencedproducer, Jack Potts, Noah writes vicious playsthat pack the theatre every night. With his newhit play, Noah tastes success he could have onlydreamed of. However, he begins to see that hisnew and "improved" play has a rough effect onthe brutal town as the citizens become moreuncontrollable than ever. As Noah watches thisoccur around him, he realizes he must make adecision. He must decide either to continueselling out and negatively alter the town, or toreturn to his original ideal that "The world needslove!" and risk losing the theatre he alwaysdreamed of.


Jacob Swain, Carolyn Keller, Andy Fernuik, Wes Wright

Director :Gary Groth Language :English Country :United
Producer :Not Updated Editor :Not Updated Screening Type:Not Updated
Cinematographer :Not Updated Year :2015 Duration:53 Mins


Director Name

Gary Groth

+91 9072315933