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A school teacher in a village goesthrough a mind-wrecking journey without achoice. He witnesses an extraordinarysupernatural event, but doubts its authenticity.Too many questions get raised in his mind.Trying to find those answers, he takes off on amystic psychological journey with an Old Man,who is the only other person to witness thatextraordinary supernatural event. As he startsexploring, he learns that, he is the 'Chosen One',with an assigned responsibility that might changethe fate of his Universe. That puts him in adilemma of whether he should be excited orpetrified to be the 'Chosen One'. His biggestchallenge is to keep his sanity intact. The onlychoice left to him is to either complete the taskassigned to him or get himself admitted in anasylum.

Director :Aadish Keluskar Language :Marathi Country :India
Producer :Not Updated Editor :Not Updated Screening Type:Not Updated
Cinematographer :Not Updated Year :2015 Duration:117 Mins


Director Name

Aadish Keluskar

+91 9072315933