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The short film “Circle” depicts a young woman in despair, who after experiencing a tragic loss escapes into the seemingly perfect past. She loses herself in vivid memories and starts to neglect her real life. A constant inner struggle emerges between past and present, distorting her perception of reality.


Mira Maria Wissmann Moritz Pliquet

Director :Alexander Heringer Language :N/A Country :Germany
Producer :Daniel Piechocki / Alexander Heringer Editor :Julia Drache Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Johannes Kreuser Year :2016 Duration:11 Mins


Director Name

Alexander Heringer

Director Biography

Alexander Heringer is a film director and Master’s student of Audiovisual Media at the Stuttgart Media University. His first short film, “Fortune Faded” (2012), was recognized internationally and won several awards. Furthermore, the short film ran at more than 100 film festivals worldwide. “Fortune Faded” also won the “German Short Tiger Award” and was presented at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in 2013, L.A. Shorts and AFI Fest in 2012. “Circle” is his second short film.  

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