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Wintry Spring


Nour, is a schoolgirl who lives alone with her father, goes through a crisis when she suddenly becomes a woman and cannot tell her dad and her dad cannot understand this change that occurred in her life, which results in tension between them.


Ahmed Kamal, Eman Moustafa

Director :Mohamed Kamel Language :Arabic Country :Egypt
Producer :Mohamed Kamel Editor :Wessam Wagih El-Lethy Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Raouf Abd Al-Aziz Year :2015 Duration:16 Mins


Director Name

Mohamed Kamel

Director Biography

Mohamed Kamel is an Egyptian Award Winning film director, screenwriter and a filmmaker, born on October 27, 1981 in Egypt, Has a bachelor degree in (Film directing) from the Academy of Arts-higher cinema institute in Cairo (directing department) and graduated in 2006, wrote and directed 2 narrative short films that participated in several national & international film festivals around the world and won some several national & international Awards, working now on making his own personal independent cinematic experiment.

Movie Stills

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