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Dec 01 - 05,  Kochi,  India

Trail of the Bagual


“Trail of the Bagual” (Dir: Silvana Barrero), is a documentary filmed in Patagonia, that tells the story of a gaucho, who during the military dictatorship, had smuggled livestock, among Argentina and Chile. Pursued by the army, he went into exile in Puerto Natales, but, as he thought his children and friends would be in danger because of his matters, he undertook a transformation in his life, which becomes in the deeper adventure to which any man can get: that of challenging himself rewriting his own destiny. His story, open the secret of inhabitants of inland, survivors of a harsh existence between freedom and domestication.                        

Director :Silvana Barrero Language :Spanish Country :Argentina
Producer :Silvana Barrero / INCAA Editor :Christian Fuma Chernigoy Screening Type:Not Updated
Cinematographer :Silvana Barrero/Leonardo Aguinaga Year :2016 Duration:50 Mins


Director Name

Silvana Barrero

Director Biography

Born in Argentina, she has gradued as Director in the Nacional Film School (ENERC) and also as Musician in the Conservatorio Manuel de Falla in Buenos Aires. She has worked as Director, Scriptwriter and Composer in Spots, TV and Documentaries, and also teachs at the Universidad de Palermo.

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