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Dec 01 - 05,  Kochi,  India

Children's Planet


Children will be living in a planet filled with more hatred and violence and more polluted and toxic. An elementary school student from America analyzes children's issues and pushes Congress for action. He analyzes issues like education, technology, health. guns, wars and 9/11.


Aaron Koka, Arjun Koka

Director :Ranjit Koka Language :English Country :United
Producer :Ranjit Koka Editor :Aaron Koka, Ranjit Koka Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Ranjit Koka Year :2016 Duration:60 Mins


Director Name

Ranjit Koka

Director Biography

Children will be living in a planet that is more polluted and toxic and filled with more hatred and violence. The thought of this documentary came more than three years back when our Congress did nothing after the school children were murdered in Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown. The filmmaker analyzed every issue that is related to children and put this documentary together with the help of a 4th grader who narrated the story and also analyzed every children’s issue, asking serious questions and pushing for change. We traveled many places, Washington, D.C, New York, Philadelphia, Dallas during the making of this film. The filmmaker is responsible for starting this project from a piece of white paper to filming with the camera, editing, production and direction.

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