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Wedding Doll


 "WEDDING DOLL" follows a young talented woman, Hagit, who dreams of love, marriage and freedom from the strict guidance of her mother, an overprotective divorcee. Hagit strikes up a relationship with her boss’ son at the toilet paper factory where she works. While hiding the blossoming romance from her mother, news arrives of the factory shutting down, and it forces Hagit’s romantic fantasy and reality to collide. 


Asi Levi, Moran Rosenblatt , Roy Assaf, Arie Tcherner, Aviva Ger, Udi Persi,Yehuda Nahari, Oded Leopold, Tomer Kapon, Lilach Birt,Hadar Ratzon Rotem, Itzik Giuli, Ilan Hazan, Aviv Elkabetz

Director :Nitzan Gilady Language :English Country :Israel
Producer :Nitzan Gilady Editor :Tali Goldring,Daniel Avitzur Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Roey Roth Year :2015 Duration:82 Mins


Director Name

Nitzan Gilady

Director Biography

Nitzan Gilady is a director, producer and a scriptwriter. His first features film titled "Wedding Doll" won 3 International award at Jerusalem Film Festival 2015. His documentary films “Jerusalem Is Proud To Present”, “Family Time” “In Satmar Custody” and “The Last Enemy” received 13 international awards, participated in over 120 international film festivals and broadcast in prestigious TV channels over the world (among them are: Sundance channel and ZDF-ARTE) . Mr. Gilady is a graduate of the Academy of arts "Circle in the Square" (New York), He has received a grant for the art of cinema given to outstanding Israeli filmmakers and film professionals.  

Movie Stills

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