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The story shows a situation where the alarm of a car goes off and will not stop ; this has gathered the neighbors in the alley and made it clear that each one of them has a problem with the other , the situation gets worse when a police officer shows up . at the end the car alarm is stopped by an unknown person . 


Payam Ahmadinia,Mokhtar Namdar,Elham Nami,Ali Mohammadi,Reza Yousefi,Mohammadjavad Shokrian

Director :Mani Masoumi Language :Persian Country :Iran
Producer :Ghazal Masoumi,Mani Masoumi Editor :Emad Khodabakhsh Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Mohamad Rasouli Year :2016 Duration:13 Mins


Director Name

Mani Masoumi

Director Biography

Born in Iran, Mani Masoumi is a director assistant and has worked on many projects as production designer assistant too. He started directing and writing in cinema recently. Burglar Alarm is his first film that he wrote and directed 2 months ago .

Movie Stills

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