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Gangrenn is a 2015 Mauritian short film. It depicts the collapsing world of Jason, a young drug addict who is haunted by his alter ego.Jason is always confused with the real and hallucinating world of drugs in which he thinks he is killing his family and friends. When at a certain point of time where he does not have any money to buy drugs and is greatly in want of it, he decides to    steal and when he does it, Tanya becomes his victim unknowingly  and dies in a road accident. However, his alter ego convinces him that he is innocent and is lost forever in the world of drugs.


Vincent Labonne, Rachna Dabedeen,Lutchmee Sinnasamy, Stephane Joseph, Yogeshen Aroonachellum, Corvilen Mareemootoo, Nawfal Bauharally, Samuel Lafleur, Harree Sewraj

Director :Mareemootoo Corvilen Language :Mauritian Creole Country :Mauritius
Producer :Mauritius Film Development Corporation (MFDC) Editor :Vincent Labonne Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Yogeshen Aroonachellum Year :2015 Duration:13 Mins


Director Name

Mareemootoo Corvilen

Director Biography

Corvilen Mareemootoo, born on the 30th of March 1982 at Surinam, Mauritius,  begun as a secondary school teacher where some years later he was recruited as project coordinator  in an advertising company.From there, he discovered the world of 2D digital animation and film editing and became extremely interested and some months later was shifted to the film and graphic production department. Later he became a 3D artist at Avarts Ltd, Mauritius (3D company). He participated in the 7 Days challenge film competition 2015 with his first film, Gangrenn  and the film won three awards in terms of best actor, best editor and  2nd best film. He is now pursuing to work on a feature film.

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