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Cancer 71


Cancer 71 is a film which does not wish to plot a structured development of events, instead, it wishes to offer a counternarrative marked by the historical, social, and personal predicament. Here, the tension between individual crisis and the forces of history is attempted to capture against the flux of time, where politics of female body plays an important part. It aims to develop a direct image of time that would present the dialectic of historical factuality and material reality through the ritualistic movements of memories and real life recollections of an individual whose conscious plane often moves to a different high due to posttraumatic disorder. The history of human being is of the class struggle and war. Violence is a recurrent theme in all the ages, and sometimes, the degree of violence and atrocity shock the individual to an unfathomable depth. Surprisingly, female body has been an important pawn in the power play. Physical and sexual violence against women in war is a common phenomenon, and the victimized female body, one the one hand, bears the testimony of domination by the victorious, and on the other hand, shatters the morale and backbone of the conquered. Moreover, in the subcontinent, female body is quite often linked with nationalism, which is why the masters of war target it to destroy the nation's pride. Bangladesh Liberation war is a good example of that.


Pritha Bandopadhyay , Shyamsundar Dhar,Arun Baksi,Onkar Prosad Ghosh,Abhishek Talukder,Arunava Mukherjee

Director :Abhishek Talukder Language :Bengali Country :India
Producer :Abhishek Talukder Editor :Saptarsi Mondal Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Ansul Unial Year :2016 Duration:24 Mins


Director Name

Abhishek Talukder

Director Biography

Abhishek Talukder is an IT professional, independent filmmaker, and writer based out of Kolkata, India. In 2013, he made his directorial debut with a short film - Ria - which was selected at Cannes Short Film Corner and won several awards in different film festivals across the country. Antabiheen...(The Endless...) is his first feature film, made in 2015, which is shown in a couple of festivals in India and has been awarded as well. In 2016, he completed his second short feature film - Cancer 71. Apart from making films, Abhishek also writes on cinema in various print and web magazines. He is the editor of the Cine Scene magazine - a monthly publication by a local Cine Club.

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