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The Woman... and the Man


'The Woman... and The Man' is a short film by Sarmistha Maiti and Rajdeep Paul which takes a nuanced look into the growing infatuation of an ordinary milkman who gazes at a free-spirited single woman at the balcony of a big house every morning while delivering milk pouches. A target of social misogyny and running rumours, the woman is unfazed and enjoys her independence while the man’s voyeuristic fixation slowly turns into an obsession. As the woman becomes the exotic element of his sexual fantasies, he starts belittling his plain-Jane wife, whom he wants to shape in the mould of the woman. The man is torn between a compulsive desire to possess the woman and the inability to attain it, until a cruel twist of fate challenges the man to question the way he looks at women and his very notion of beauty.


Amit Saha ,Tanusree Goswami, Anindita Ghosh

Director :Sarmistha Maiti Language :Bengali Country :India
Producer :Sarmistha Maiti Editor :Sarmistha Maiti Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Mrinmoy Mondal Year :2016 Duration:18 Mins


Director Name

Sarmistha Maiti

Director Biography

Sarmistha Maiti (b. Dec 1979) is an Indian National Award winning filmmaker and writer who has been making independent films of different genres working as producer, screenplay writer and director. She is alumnus of the prestigious Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute (SRFTI) , India with a PG Diploma in Film Editing (2007-10) and Jadavpur University, Kolkata, with B.A and M.A. in comparative literature. She has recently formed the production company Triambigram Arts. Sarmistha Maiti has an extensive experience of working as a journalist in two National Dailies - Hindustan Times and the Times of India. She is also a regular contributor as an art-critic to several national magazines on art like "Art & Deal", "Indian Contemporary Art Journal", "Art Etc" and worked as the Managing Editor of www.mattersofart.net (India’s first ezine on art). She has co-written the book “3 on a Bed – Contemporary Indian Novellas” published by Bunsen Books in 2013. She along with Rajdeep Paul was awarded the Special Mention to Directors' Award at the 61st National Indian Film Awards 2013 for the film "At the Crossroads Nondon Bagchi Life and Living" Their script “The Biryani Seller” has been mentored in the first edition of Mumbai Mantra Cinerise Screenwriting Programme 2014-15 by the likes of Daniel Radcliffe, Audrey Welles, Sebastian Cordero, Anjum Rajabali and Sriram Raghavan.

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