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Senior Teacher


Mr.Hu, who has long been recognised as the Most Outstanding Teacher by his colleagues and students, gets into trouble recently. In his class one day, he punishes a naughty girl, Sharon, by hitting her on her face with a book, which unexpectedly causes Xiao Lan passing out. When reviving, Sharon says that she can not hear anything. Her parents claim that they will never forgive Mr.Hu. The school gets in a dilemma. His colleagues and even family are growing away from him. However, Mr.Hu insists that he will never hit a girl so hard to make her deaf. Realising that his life is sinking into a mess, Mr.Hu determines to prove his innocence with every effort.


Tian Xiaojie,Xu Nuo,Sun Bo

Director :Sha Mo Language :Chinese Country :China
Producer :Zhang Zixi Editor :Zhou Xiaolin Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Dongsheng Ziyuan,Chen Yang Year :2015 Duration:24 Mins


Director Name

Sha Mo

Director Biography

Sha Mo, graduated from the Directing Department of Beijing Film Academy in 2015. He visited Belgium, Portugal and Korea to communicate and exchange with the local students of arts as a member of the delegation of his academy. Before graduation he has gained a lot of working experience through working as the vice director or assistant in production of films directed by Ning Hao, Xu Haofeng, Du Jiayi and Qiao Liang. The short film, Black Fish (2012) directed by Sha Mo as his joint graduation work was awarded the Best Director Prize in Short Film Show for Students in both Shanghai International Film Festival and Golden Koala International Film Festival. In 2014, Sha Mo directed the short film, Honey Trap which was produced jointly by Beijing Film Academy and Korea National University of Arts. And he also finished his master graduation work, the film named Senior Teacher. 

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