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Coffee at Laundromat


Story Highlights Immigration & LGBTQ issues among different ethnic groups in Canada. The story revolves around a local Laundromat, where citizens of diverse ethnicities and backgrounds are doing their laundry. As the story unfolds, the audience is introduced to these characters personal struggles. Many even shown as "outcasts" in their own country.


Ali Kazmi, Mesha Toor ,Sidartha Murjani, Alexandria Kayy, Peter Chan, Elizabeth Iversen, Bonnie Van Drimmelen, Trevor Pennigton, Olivia Poon, Amy Fox, Maahi Kaur

Director :Maahi Kaur Language :English Country :Canada
Producer :Jagmohan Singh Nanda,Maahi kaur Editor :Maahi Kaur Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Cliff Hokanson Year :2016 Duration:20 Mins


Director Name

Maahi Kaur

Director Biography

Maahi is as a South-Asian woman filmmaker from Canada. Her focus is to connect cross-cultural cinema, shining a light on the rich diversity of the global storytelling community with a wider objective to help create a positive impact on the global society. Maahi visualize & translate scripts into the reality in such a creative & productive way that creates a strong bond between the story & its audiences. Maahi holds Master degrees in Human Genetics & Finance. She has worked in Finance industry in Canada for 7 years. Because of her sheer passion of filmmaking, in 2009, she left a successful career in finance to embark on her journey, as a filmmaker.

Movie Stills

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