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DURGA is a story of Bhola (an old artist who paints the eyes of the idols of Goddess Durga) and a 7 year old girl named Durga, Bhola’s granddaughter. Bhola had devoted his entire life in bringing life to these idols by beautifully painting their eyes. Bhola, a true believer of the goddess, always wanted a girl child in his family, a manifestation of Goddess herself. After generations of male off springs, his daughter-in-law gave birth to a girl child, but as fate would have it, she was born blind. Bhola lived his life in this irony; an artist known to give eyes to lifeless idols could not do anything about the blindness of his precious granddaughter. To make up for it, he mustered hard not to let little Durga feel any less about herself. With Durga’s father having abandoned her at birth, Bhola takes it upon himself to be little Durga’s eyes. In the end, Bhola makes a life-altering choice and justifies his very existence and purpose in life not only towards his granddaughter but also his gifted skill as an artist.


Veena Jamkar,Saachi,Kalyan Chatterjee

Director :Vivek Kajaria Language :Hindi Country :India
Producer :Vivek Kajaria,Nilesh Navalakha Editor :Mayur Hardas Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Deepti Gupta Year :2015 Duration:14 Mins


Director Name

Vivek Kajaria

Director Biography

A prolific producer, Vivek Kajaria is undoubtedly one of the most passionate guardians of Indian Independents in the Industry. One of the Top 5 Independent Film Producers changing the face of Indian Cinema at a global level, Vivek has carved his niche. He has to his credit some path breaking films. Not only have Fandry(2014), Anumati(2013) & Shala(2013) won the distinguished National Film Awards conferred by the Government of India consecutively for three years in a row, they have also screened at prestigious international film festivals and travelled across the world. Fandry, a true gem on the slate was also screened for the GoldenGlobes Selection 2014. His upcoming films include Siddhant, Chaurya, Raakshas, Jeeva, The School, In the name of Dad and Ek Number. Vivek is a graduate from Warwick University, UK and holds a double Masters in Computer Science & Business Administration. 

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