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Dec 01 - 05,  Kochi,  India

The Take Over


Cinema one of the greatest Art forms of our time...providing popular entertainment is the preeminent forum for ideas and self-expression. Since the time of its invention late 1880s, Cinema has used moving images to create amazing works. Movies have helped us share our experiences and dreams. Photochemical film has been the exclusive format used to capture, develop, project, and store moving images for over 100 years. But Over the past two decades, a new form of Digital filmmaking has emerged, creating a ground breaking evolution in the medium... a total transformation from Analogue to Digital. Indian Cinema especially has seen a tremendous change in Filmmaking process.. More and more movies are either partly or entirely digital constructions that are created with computers and eventually retrieved from drives at our local multiplex or streamed to the large and small screens of our choice.



Director :Jennifer Alphonsse Language :English Country :India
Producer :K Basi Reddy Editor :Bina Paul / Anil Kithanda Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Surya Year :2015 Duration:63 Mins


Director Name

Jennifer Alphonsse

Director Biography

Jennifer Alphonsse is an International Award-winning Writer, Director and Producerwith over a 7 years of experience in Filmmaking, her work spans a wide range ofsubjects, styles and techniques : documentaries, short films, music videos,experimental videos and more! apart from English her films and documentaries aremade in several other languages including Telugu and Hindi.She won the Royal Reel Award at Canada International Film Festival 2016 for herfirst feature length Documentary “The Take Over” which also got selected at CannesFilm Festival 2016 in Short Film Corner,.This is the second time that her film is in Cannes….earlier in 2014 her 25 mint shortfilm “Starngerssss” was also selected at Cannes Short Film Corner and went on to winmore than 14 International Awards in various categories all over the world.Originally from India (Hyderabad) she has done her MBA and then went in for aFilm Appreciation Course in India's prestigious Film School FTII (Film andTelevision Institute of India)Her first short film Kachra (Garbage) won her 3 prestigious Golden Nandi StateAwards and several other International Awards.Storytelling is something which interest her the most…intrigued by everything aboutstories and the possibilities they entail, she feels Cinema and the world behind it isMagical and fascinating… and through Storytelling be it in any form is the best wayto put ideas in to the World today.
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