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This Way Up


When a hard working homeless man living in a storm drain below the Las Vegas Strip, learns his daughter is coming to stay with him, he enlists the help of a teenage vagrant to help create a fake life, so his daughter won't discover what his life has become.


Charley Rossman, Masam Holden, Anna Lieberman, Lundon Boyd

Director :Jeremy Cloe Language :English Country :United
Producer :Mike Langer Editor :Steven Pristin Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Cory Warner Year :2014 Duration:28 Mins


Director Name

Jeremy Cloe

Director Biography

Originally from Vegas, Jeremy Cloe graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a Bachelors in Film. Before moving to Los Angeles to continue studying directing at the American Film Institute, he directed his first feature, Liars, Fires and Bears which competed in several film festivals this year including Austin, St. Louis and Hollywood and winning 3 Jury awards for best feature. He has been working as a director/editor since 2006 and has directed several commercials and music videos since, most notably for Ultra Music's Black Boots premiering on both MTV.COM and Billboard.com. He was recently named Nevada Filmmaker to Watch by the Vegas Indie Film Festival and Las Vegas Weekly awarded him "Best Local Filmmaker" in 2013.
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