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Red Butterfly Dream


Samantha and Ajith lives in a flat close to Colombo. Ajith is a contract killer with connections to the underworld. Samantha is his friend. He gets occasional attacks of epilepsy. His uncle is a preacher at a shrine of gods. Samantha and Uncle hold an ancient script. It is said in the script that a treasure can be attained by sacrificing a virgin with four birthmarks lined in her neck. Samantha meets a young Tamil girl with four birth marks placed accordingly on her neck. Her name is Raajini. She comes to Colombo in search of her lost sister. Her sister has been a member of L.T.T.E. Even though there are four birthmarks on neck Samantha is doubtful of her virginity.samantha goes against the sacrificing of rajini for the treasure that does not reveal itself. Samantha goes insane and meets the rajini’s sprit. He entangles himself in her sprit with love.


Mahendra Perera

Director :Priyantha Kaluarachchi Language :Tamil Country :Sri
Producer :Priyantha Kaluarachchi Editor :Saman alvitigala Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Viswajith karunarathne Year :2016 Duration:86 Mins


Director Name

Priyantha Kaluarachchi

Director Biography

Priyantha Kaluarachchi is a filmmaker, a producer of documentaries for television, and a renowned theater director in Sri Lanka. He was a production assistant for Vimukthi Jayasundara’s second feature film, BETWEEN TWO WORLDS, in 2007. The same year, he participated in the Berlinale Talent Campus with his documentary PERILYA. A GIRL WITH RED BUTTERFLY WINGS is his first fiction feature film.

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