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Stolen Path


When I became 67 years old, I realized that it is either now or never, to turn my beloved childhood novel into a movie. With the help of my 16 year old granddaughter, and two years of extremely hard work, whereby we had to learn everything about the making of a movie, the movie is born. The story is a true story where we follow Victoria from a spoiled privileged young girl, to a mature woman who knows and follows her heart. It is a movie that is full of feelings and will not leave you neutral. Thank you for watching it.  


Laura Seabrook, Mark Anthoney

Director :John Banovich Language :English Country :Canada
Producer :Goldie Smitlener Editor :Joseph Schweers Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Clayton Richard Long Year :2015 Duration:89 Mins


Director Name

John Banovich

Director Biography

John Banovich, DGC, CSC is a seasoned, award winning director with extensive experience as cinematographer having filmed acrosss Canada and through out the world. He has a passion for honest, quality stories and takes great pleasure in filming wildlife as well as drama.
+91 9072315933