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The Landscape Within


Eric, body-painter, costume designer, photographer and conceptual artist struggles to find new directions after the death of his father.With a strong desire to move forward and with the support of a group of friends and artists, Eric finds purpose at the roots of his affections: Kayama, a patch of land where the river and the sea meet, the landscape of his family's memories and the inner source of his inspiration.



Director :Andrea Capranico Language :English Country :Philippines
Producer :Darlene Catly Malimas,Andrea Capranico Editor :Sebastian Lory, Vivienne Li, Andrea Capranico, Jessie Dimapilis Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Andrea Capranico Year :2015 Duration:79 Mins


Director Name

Andrea Capranico

Director Biography

Andrea Capranico is an Italian documentary and commercial director/producer based in Manila, Philippines.  Born and raised in Torino, Italy, he graduated in Chemistry in 2000 and, after few years of science research and corporate work, he pursues his original dream of being a world traveler, a photographer and a filmmaker.  As independent documentary director and producer, Andrea is currently developing, producing and shooting a series of short and long-feature observational documentaries in the Philippines and in Asia, and is collaborating as associate producer for a number of Filipino narrative movies.
+91 9072315933