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Vanishing Borders


Vanishing Borders tells the story of four immigrant women living in New York City, who through their work, relationships, and activism are transforming not only their lives but the lives of those around them. The film places a human, female face on the often abstract issue of immigration, inviting audiences to experience the profound happiness, pain, and sense of discovery that comes from leaving one’s home behind and settling down in a new country.


Teboho Moja,Melainie Rogers,Daphnie Sicre,Yatna Vakharia

Director :Alexandra Hidalgo Language :English Country :USA
Producer :Alexandra Hidalgo,Shanele Alvarez Editor :Alexandra Hidalgo Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Shanele Alvarez Year :2014 Duration:91 Mins


Director Name

Alexandra Hidalgo

Director Biography

Alexandra Hidalgo’s filmmaking journey began in 2009 when, having no training in the cinematic arts, she traveled to her native Venezuela and made a short documentary about Venezuelans’ infatuation with breast implants. The resulting film, Perfect, has screened at national and international film festivals and is currently being taught in college courses across the country. Having fallen in love with crafting moving images, Alexandra has continued her exploration of life behind the camera, making a number of short documentaries, completing a book about feminist filmmaking, and teaching film and video production at Michigan State University, where she is an assistant professor. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of agnès films, an online community of women filmmakers.

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