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The story encompasses around nine characters portraying nine variants of emotion (Navarasa) and an outdated dam.The story starts with Vinay (Vinay Rai), who is a mariner and works in ships. One day he visits his native place, somewhere in Kerala, with his son Sam (Jineeth Rath) to meet his father Shankaran (Rajit Kapur). Shankaran is a village doctor or 'Vaidyan' and is also a master in astrology and the ancient sciences. Sam is a Diabetic and Vinay wanted to have him treated by his grandfather. Another story line is that of the orphan Meera (Vimala Raman), who has been staying with Shankaran since her childhood, treated as his own daughter and who helps him treat various patients. Vinay and Meera share a special bond and love each other. But when Shankaran studied their horoscopes, he learned that whenever they express their love towards each other, something terrible would happen.


Ashish Vidyarthi, Joshua Fredric Smith, Rajit Kapur, Vinay Rai, Vimala Raman, Linda Arsenio

Director :Sohan Roy Language :English Country :India
Producer :BizTV Network Editor :Suresh Pai Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Ajayan Vincent Year :2011 Duration:108 Mins


Director Name

Sohan Roy

Director Biography

Sohan Roy is known for directing Dam 999, India’s first Hollywood movie with mainstream Oscar entries. Dam 999 is also the first film from India to qualify for Golden Rooster Awards (Chinese Oscar). He is also Director, Project Designer and Producer to award winning International movies and documentaries that earned international accolades including 16 Oscar selections and 55 international recognitions. Sohan Roy is the Creative Head behind several path breaking concepts like Project Indywood, a $10 Billion project which will transform Indian Film Industry ahead of Hollywood in next 5 years in quality and revenue. As a part of the project, he established multiplex brand Ariesplex by launching a world class exhibition centre in India with DMAX 4K and 64 track Dolby Atmos. Realizing the power of media, he launched Marine Biz TV and Medi Biz TV, channels dedicated for marine and medical sectors. Another brain child of Mr Roy, Aries Epica Studio is one of the global leader in 2D to 3D conversion, animation and VFX, has its head quarters at Los Angeles with bases in several countries. Epica also introduced revolutionary glasses free 3D Tvs and Tabs. Latest acquisition of Aries Group is Aries Vismayas Max, a post production studio which houses state of the art Dolby Atmos Mixing studio and Davinci Resolve DI Suite. Adding another dynamics to his persona, Sohan Roy also made into the 2016 list of Forbes 50- most influential Indian’s in the Arab world.

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