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On their way to a concert, an ordinary band gets transported to an alternate dimension.EMOCEAN starts out as a documentary about Fenster struggling to finish their third record when they are accidentally transported to an alternate dimension.In this surreal and disorienting landscape, nothing is what it seems. The band is forced to confront their paradoxical surroundings and somehow make sense of the absurd in order to find their way back to the reality they have come to think of as "real". But what is real?EMOCEAN is the debut experimental sci-fi music film by Berlin based band Fenster. The film, shot mostly on VHS and produced for under 10,000 Euros, was written, directed, edited, co-produced, starring, co-shot and accompanied by a full motion picture soundtrack by the band.


Will Samson,Jonthan Jarzyna,Lucas Ufo

Director :JJ Weihl,Jonathan Jarzyna,Lucas Ufo Language :German Country :Germany
Producer :JJ Weihl,Jonathan Jarzyna,Lucas Ufo Editor :JJ Weihl, Jonathan Jarzyna,Lucas Ufo Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Martin Ducret Year :2015 Duration:67 Mins


Director Name

JJ Weihl,Jonathan Jarzyna,Lucas Ufo

Director Biography

JJ Weihl was born in 1986 in New York City. She graduated from Middlebury college with a joint degree in English Literature and Film and Media Culture. In addition to her work with Fenster, JJ is the co-founder and director of VIDEOKILLS, an international video art collective, where she curates screenings of contemporary silent films and live music scores in cities world wide. Jonathan Jarzyna was born in 1985 in the south of Germany and moved to Berlin when he was nine years old. He has been playing music in different bands in Berlin for the last ten years. Lucas Chantre was born in 1988 in Chalon-sur- Saone, France. He has participated in different music projects since he was a teenager. After finishing his Masters in Political Economy at ESDES School of Economics in Lyon, France, he joined Fenster in 2013.

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