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Jalam is about a widowed mother struggling to raise her child in the city alone. After losing her husband in an accident, the widow must face many challenges with her child in the city, for a piece of land to live.


Priyanka Nair, Prakash Bare, Jain Syriac, Sethulakshmi, P Balachandran

Director :M. Padmakumar Language :Malayalam Country :India
Producer :Sohan Roy Editor :Ranjan Abraham Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Vinod Illampally Year :Not Updated Duration:104 Mins


Director Name

M. Padmakumar

Director Biography

M.Padmakumar is an Indian Film Director from the Malayalam Film Industry. he started his career as assistant director to a number of leading directors. His first movie as an independent director was "AMMAKKILIKOODU ". He is known for the film Vaasthavam for which the lead actor Prithviraj won a Kerela State Film Award for Best Actor in 2006. His other movies include Vargam, Vasthavam , Parunthu ,Shikkar ,Thiruvambadi THAMPAN , Orissa, Pathiramanal , Polytechnic ,Jalam & Kanal. He recently did a film in KERALA CAFE" with 10 directors and "A Bolivian Diary" in D COMPANY with 3 directors.  

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