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Go with God


David Taylor has just half an hour to live. He is alone in his cell, in a foreign country, facing execution for something that isn't even a crime back home in Britain. David has committed the crime of adultery in Iran, a fundamentalist Islamic nation. In the last minutes of his life he tries to come to terms with terrifying finality of his seemingly insignificant actions. Written to be shot in real-time, we follow every second of every minute of the last half hour of David's life. As he chain smokes his way through to his upcoming oblivion, David is a mess of emotions. From tears and rage to laughter and even calm, he is trying to wrench everything... anything... from his dwindling life. As he interacts with different people, each having a different agenda - the prison governor, the Swedish consul, the guards and his best friend - we see a mirror being held up to reflect the wider world we live in. And finally, it is a simple study of raw human emotion, of friendship and of love.


Jonathan Markwood, Haqi Ali, Julian Boote, Jasmin Egner & Amir Rahimzadeh

Director :Frank Harriman Language :English Country :UK
Producer :John Currie Editor : Richard Martin Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Andrew Rodger Year :2013 Duration:24 Mins


Director Name

Frank Harriman

Director Biography

Co-producer, writer and director with new production company - Arrondissement Films. We are committed to making this project the first of many. We are developing a slate of projects, with our first one being the 25 min short "Go with God". This is a powerful piece of drama, set in a challenging arena, that looks at the human story behind one man's catastrophic mistake and the punishment he now faces. Inspired originally by actual events, we hope to share our visions shortly.

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