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Raju’, a mother-less child, is orphaned by his father, as he is blinded while editing a video that he has made in a local photo studio. He is admitted to a residential blind orphanage run by a depraved man ‘Narayana’, who battens on the money meant for the welfare of the blind and keeps the children in deplorable conditions. The mission “Divya-Drushti” starts with Raju’s astounding idea of portraying the brutality of Narayana with all evidences and proofs to the District Collector and makes an identity and creates independence not only to him but also to others.


Ashish Vidyarthi, Raghuvir Yadav, Suhasini Maniratnam

Director :Ayodhyakumar Krishnamsetty Language :Telugu Country :India
Producer :Ayodhyakumar Krishnamsetty Editor :Kiran Ganti Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :David Edward Fuller, Paulius Kontijevas Year :2014 Duration:109 Mins


Director Name

Ayodhyakumar Krishnamsetty

Director Biography

Ayodhyakumar Krishnamsetty is the first Indian film director whose movie was archived in Oscar library. He journey as an IT professional and later went on to pursue his love and passion for films. He studied film making at the prestigious Northwest Film Center in Portland, Oregon and worked in the OPB television channel in the USA. He has written, co-produced and directed a couple of films. This talented director’s first full length feature film is MINUGURULU which was selected and awarded at seven international film festivals including 2014 Oscar contention, selection of movie script in Oscar library’s permanent core collection, official selection at the GOLDEN ELEPHANT at the 18th International Children Film Festival, International Ability Film Festival, Chennai and Kolkata International Film Festival. Winner of Best Indian Film award at the 9th Childrens India - International Childrens Film Festival held at Bangalore and many more. AyodhyaKumar Krishnamsetty’s production house Respect Creations has production facilities in Hyderabad, Los Angeles and Portland supported by many silicon-valley entrepreneurs and IT professionals from US

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