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A short distance from the city’s red-light district is Area, a neighborhood of brothelswhere over-the- hill sex workers can be had for a can of sardines or even on credit.During its heyday, Area had up to 700 brothels servicing thousands of low-income men,hormonally active boys and society misfits-- all taking advantage of the bargain price ofsex available only at Area. One of the last remaining brothels is operated by Ben, whosefamily of former pimps and subversives depends on the brothel for survival.Hillary, one of the sex workers, keeps her life-savings to fulfill a dream to travel to theUnited States to find a son she said she lost during the panic caused by the eruption ofMt. Pinatubo. Her skeptical co-workers bully her by dumping on her all the clients theyreject, including a freak and a penniless old man who pays with stolen appliances.Hillary’s world collapses when her money is stolen and Ben refuses to file charges,because the suspect is a village watchman whom Ben cannot afford to displease.The story happens during the Holy Week, when the residents of Area perform rituals ofpenitence to wash away their sins and be ready for another year of business as usual.


Ai Ai delas Alas, Allen Dizon, Sue Prado, Sarah Brankensiek, Sacho Vito delas Alas, Ireen Cervantes, Tabs Sumulong

Director :Luisito Lagdameo Ignacio Language :Tagalog Country :Philippines
Producer :Baby Go, Ferdinand Lapuz, Dennis Evangelista, Romeo Lindain Editor :Gilbert Obispo Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Rain Yamson Year :2016 Duration:106 Mins


Director Name

Luisito Lagdameo Ignacio

Director Biography

Luisito Lagdameo Ignacio started as a music video director for Filipino top singers. Then he helmed many TV shows and he directed commercial films “Pangarap Kong Ibigan Ka”, “Lovestruck” and Annie B”. His first independent feature “Asintado (Between The Eyes)” won the Best Children’s Film at the 2015 Worldfest Houston International Film Festival while Child Haus was Best Chidlren’s Film in Dhaka in 2016. Laut won Best Actress and Special Mention at the 2016 Oporto International Film Festival and Special Jury for Direction at the 2016 World Premieres Film Festival – Asean Skies program in Manila. Area won Special Jury Prize at the 12 th Eurasia International Film Festival in Kazakhstan.

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