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Take the Reins


When Sierra re-enters the world of the “mentally stable” and falls in love with her best friend, she thinks she's finally found acceptance for who she is. But when her family and teacher reject her truth, she discovers the cost of being herself versus being what others want her to be. 


Tonya Cornelisse, Emma Barrett, David Marciano, Sierra Heuermann, Barbara Williams

Director :Emma Barrett Language :English Country :USA
Producer :Emma Barrett Editor :Melanie Annan Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Caryn Waechter Year :2016 Duration:17 Mins


Director Name

Emma Barrett

Director Biography

Emma is an Australian filmmaker, skydiver, hula hooper, fire spinner, traveler and seeker, living in LA. 'Take the Reins' is her debut film as a director. Emma is interested in exploring the edge in all aspects of her life, which reflects in her work and her play. Upcoming productions include a short film, 'Til it's Gone (2017) and a feature film, Jim (2019).

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