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Memory Hospital


Patients from different backgrounds and each telling their own story will spend one night full of thrills and dreams at the mysterious "Memory Hospital"


Adriana Guerra, Antoniela Canto, Cris Tomiossi, Daniel Volpi, Gabriela Cerqueira, Johnnas Oliva, Lívia Camargo, Maria do Carmo Soares, Pedro Costa, Tatiana Caltabiano

Director :Pedro Paulo de Andrade Language :Portuguese Country :Brazil
Producer :Maria Antunes Editor :Lia Kulakauskas and Pedro Paulo de Andrade Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Kauê Zilli Year :2016 Duration:18 Mins


Director Name

Pedro Paulo de Andrade

Director Biography

 “Memory Hospital” is paulistano director Pedro Paulo de Andrade’s 6th short film. Andrade abandoned his career in advertising as soon as he graduated for an adventure in the world of filmmaking. He began as production assistant at a film and advertising company and years later became a young director of music videoclips, advertising films and fiction. Since then, his work has been selected and awarded by several Brazilian and International film festivals. His work is greatly influenced by sound design and music.

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