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'Chudala,' is an intimate exploration of a father-daughter relationship in a rapidly developing India. Based on an Indian mythological story of a woman turning into a man inorder to seem significant to her family, this film tells the story of a lower middle class Muslim girl Rukhsana who returns to her house as Rehan- a man and is haunted by the memories of her life as a woman.


Sanjay Mishra, Sanghmitra Hitaishi

Director :Maaria Sayed Language :Hindi Country :India
Producer :Alessandro Valentino Alpini, Manish Mundra Editor :Alessandro Alpini Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Debashish Remy Dalai Year :2016 Duration:14 Mins


Director Name

Maaria Sayed

Director Biography

Born in 1989, Maaria graduated in Literature in India before she moved to London, where she got a Masters in Filmmaking. Having been a part time painter and theater performer, Maaria felt cinema was the best way to combine and channelize her interests. Inspite of having lived in Mumbai, Singapore, London and Milan, Maaria is most connected to stories about spiritual enlightenment experienced by women that come from a very specific Indian setting. Maaria experimental feature documentary filmed in Singapore titled 'Wai Guo Ren,' is currently in post-production. Maaria established Draw4Films, a production company based in India, hoping to create more world cinema. 'Chudala,' was co-produced with Draw4Films and Drishyam, India's premiere production company for indie films. She was selected among the top 24 filmmakers of Asia to be a part of the Busan Asian Film Academy 2016, where she co-directed the short film "Cichlid", screened at the Busan International FIlm Festival 2016, where she was awarded a scholarship for her Outstanding Performance. Alongside this, Maaria is currently developing her feature film project in India.

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