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Feast of Varanasi


The story centres around a spate of gruesome killings, where four young girls have been burned to death. With the crimes deemed to be beyond the capabilities of the local police force, an officer from the Central Bureau of investigation in New Delhi is sent to investigate. For detective Arjun Das (Adil Hussain) it’s a return to the home town he left behind. What he discovers goes beyond anything he imagined and as ‘Holi,’ the festival of colour approaches, the killer prepares to claim the greatest sacrifice of all and, in doing so, attain moksha (rebirth). Meanwhile, following her mother’s suicide, a young English teacher (Holly Gilbert_ with a troubled past arrives in Varanasi to deliver her mother’s final letter and a special pendant to her aunt (Judi Bowker), a missionary who has dedicated her life to caring for low caste children. Still grieving for her mother, Helen discovers some startling truths about herself and begins to unravel some deep-seated emotional trauma with the help of Nana (Ashwath Bhatt) a reclusive priest who lives on the fringes of the forest. As she quickly learns about the murders, her own future becomes entwined with desperate acts of the elusive serial killer. Feast Of Varanasi is a compelling and tense drama, which offers up some unexpected surprises for even the most avid of thriller fans.



Director :Rajan Patel Language :English Country :UK
Producer :Rajan Patel Editor :Sean Barton Screening Type:Not Updated
Cinematographer :James Aspinal Year :2017 Duration:93 Mins


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Rajan Patel

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