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Saawan is a story of a 9-year-old Baluchistani boy, stricken by polio in Pakistan. He was rejected by his father, hated by society and harassed by his peers. He gets left behind in his village as the residents are forced to vacate the valley where they live. But he relies on the memories of his mother and begins a journey into the city. Saawan achieves self-rehabilitation, befriends a spirt living in the mountains and meet his new best friend, a three-legged dog. He then encounters kidnappers from whom he rescues 4 kids. While on his trip, he is followed by the kidnapper, with his father and a journalist tracing his steps in search of him. As he is close to finishing his journey the kidnapper attacks killing 40 people with Sawaan getting injured.



Director :Farhan Alam Language :Urdu Country :USA
Producer :Farhan Alam Editor :Aseem Sinha Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Farhan Alam Year :2017 Duration:138 Mins


Director Name

Farhan Alam

Director Biography

Farhan Alam is a widely regarded US based cinematographer in Pakistan. He has been actively associated with Pakistani entertainment industry for the last 15 years. Farhan is acclaimed for his cinematography on numerous projects including television series such as: Malaal, Mera Naseeb, Sanjah, and Coke Kahani.  In 2010, Farhan Alam was nominated for Best Director of Photography for Dastaan, a television blockbuster that aired on Hum TV. It was one of the first few projects that he collaborated on with HUM TV, which led to develop a creative chemistry between the two. In 2014, Farhan worked with HUM Films on their first feature film, Bin Roye, as a cinematographer. Farhan has worked on many projects, including short films. His short film, Calendar, was well received as an official selection at the New York Film Expo 2010. Along with own short film projects he has worked on short films with other film makers in the US such as: Sheppard and Stingy Jack.   Farhan's love of photography and motion picture began at a young age as he meticulously observed his father Shah Alam, a legendary cinematographer and one of the pioneers of television and film in Pakistan. His passion for the celluloid led him to pursue his diploma in TV Production. Later, he began his career by working as an assistant cameraman, gaffer and grip. Farhan’s love of this genre led him to learn other aspects of filmmaking such as editing & photography. Since filmmaking is ever changing, due to advances and technology, Farhan is always willing to adapt his technic to make his end product more beautiful.

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