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Bilu: A Demon Within


The story of “Bilu Rakkhosh” revolves around the central protagonist “Bilu” who is a direct product of the hollow modernization the current times are going through. Bilu works in IT in a typical corporate environment, although Bilu finds himself strangled and gasping. He loves singing and always wanted to pursue his career as a singer. But he has got trapped himself within his own demons (hence the name!). His own worldly desires along with the expectations of the persons surrounding him takes him for a toss from which he never finds a way out. Bilu's crisis is not as hackneyed as a mid-life one, nor is it as profound as existential. Bilu is a man stuck in time. His life circles around the same circumference every day, piling up on the frustration of not being able to follow his heart. He occasionally vents his vexation out on his family, but the rest just stacks up in his mind. Unable to withstand his erratic behavior, Bilu's wife leaves him taking his son away from him in the process. To make matters worse, Bilu finds himself slowly getting desolate as each and every person he valued stroke off their names from the registry of his life in some way or another. As a single paradigm of hope stood the character of Amalda who time and again assured and comforted Bilu and asked Bilu to join him. But Bilu's life had already set off for an irreversible trip to doom. Like a rat in a maze he stumbles and fumbles unable to find a sortie. Being a living phantom of himself he forgets about singing as his heart implodes for the ones who left him. Unbearable as it becomes, Bilu refuses to concede defeat. He takes off. Bilu takes off from the chaotic city he has been for so long, from his suffocating job, his dilapidated home and finally from his painful reality. His augmenting hallucinations slowly start to give his soul a little shade that he has been looking for so long. As a result of which he grips on to them as firmly as he can. When he fails to lean onto his imaginations, he enacts them out. He hires a local prostitute and pays her to either be his divorced wife or his dead mother. Bilu starts to escape from his surroundings as wildly as he can and at the end of the line, as his final fantasy, he meets his childhood right at the edge of a mountain peak. He finally manages to feel at home as he could touch the purity and innocence that was long lost from his life. He meets eyes with his childhood and calmly smiles. In a nutshell, this story is about a man who rebelled to be a puppet of the reality imposed by others as he creates his own through his delusions, for Bilu albeit living with inviolable demons inside, is also a dreamer. 


Joy Sengupta

Director :Indrasis Acharya Language :Bengali Country :India
Producer :Anirban Maity Editor :Moloy Laha Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Santanu De Year :2016 Duration:129 Mins


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Indrasis Acharya

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