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2001: While Kubrick was in space


Stanley Kubrick imagined the year 2001 to be a technological world, but for Buenos Aires that same year meant the worst financial crisis in their history. Three teenage friends tormented by their uncertain future decide to avoid reality and escape from everything on a road trip in a stolen pink car. During their odyssey, they’ll have to confront their fears, knowing that adulthood is waiting just around the corner. Gabriel Nicoli’s debut feature is an unexpected pop vision of a damaged country- a place where Kubrick lives on as a god.


Alan Daicz,Maria Onetto

Director :Gabriel Nicoli Language :Spanish Country :Argentina
Producer :Gonzalo Agulla Editor :Gabriel Nicoli - Federico Mackeprang Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Daniel Ortega Year :2016 Duration:76 Mins


Director Name

Gabriel Nicoli

Director Biography

Director and scriptwriter, he started his career at the sundance script laboratory. As a documentalist, he wrote and directed Circus life and The following summer, a best seller film in Argentina and Uruguay 2014. In publicity he shot more than 50 commercials and recently, his first Fiction film 2001: while Kubrick was in space.

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