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Railway Children


In India every year an estimated 125000 children runaway from home using the railways for various reasons. While some of them are returned home, the rest survive on platforms enduring a life of abuse, substance abuse, drug abuse, sexual abuse, crime and violence. Railway Children explores this film through the eyes of a 12-year-old Raju.


Manohara K, Parimala, Syed Pervez, Karthik

Director :Prithvi Konanur Language :Kannada Country :India
Producer :Prithvi Konanur, Don Thompson, Gangadhar Birthi Editor :Shivakumar Swamy Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Eswaran Thangavel Year :2016 Duration:115 Mins


Director Name

Prithvi Konanur

Director Biography

Working as a software engineer abroad, his first screenplay titled “The Abiding” was previously optioned by a UK based producer for a Hollywood project (presale poster of the same: http://avpictures.co.uk/abiding.htm). After a Diploma in filmmaking at the New York Film Academy, LA, he made a short film AConditional Truce (http://www.cultureunplugged.com/play/1379/A-Conditional-Truce) in Srilanka with his NYFA buddy Rick Dalton and former executive at Lions-Gate Canada, Denis Krupnov. The film was completely shot in Srilanka with local talent and was in Sinhala language. The film was screened in many international film festivals.He made his first feature film Alegalu in Kannada. The film was produced by the Children’s Film Society of India, Mumbai , under the ministry of information and broadcasting. The film was screened in some of the top film festivals such as TIFF, Zlin, Tehran among others. Railway Children is his second feature film as a writer/director.

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