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Raktham (The Blood)


Exploitation of the proletariat by the capitalist bourgeoisie has been triggering factor for the greatest social revolutions across the globe, right from El Porfiriato in Mexico to the Great Proletarain Cultural Revolution in China. India is no stranger to revolutions. Social revolutionaries belonging to the extreme ‘left’ have played a significant role in keeping the flame of revolutionary change alive. The question that has plagued us generation after generation ‘Is violence and killing for 'social revolution' justified? How is killing for revolution different from murder? This fiery turbulence that engulfs Anand when he is on a morally tasking mission is the core of the film ‘Raktham’ - The Blood. Inspired from the 1949 French play ‘Les Justes’ by Albert Camus, Rakhtam delves deep into the ideological and moral dilemma of murder and revolution portrayed by Anand, the main protagonist who is torn between his poetic heart and revolutionary mind when confronted with the passion to execute his task for a larger purpose and the politics surrounding the situation. 


Madhu Shalini, Sanju Sivaram, John Kottoly, Sana Shanoor, Venu Benerjee

Director :Rajesh Touchriver Language :Telugu Country :India
Producer :Sunitha Krishnan Editor :Zashi Qmer Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Rama Thulasi Year :2017 Duration:125 Mins


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Rajesh Touchriver

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