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ReFraction follows Jay Cooper, a successful lawyer, raised by foster parents from the young age of eleven. As a child, the authorities separated him from his indigenous mother, after she killed his brother in a freak accident. Jay returns to his native homeland to bury his estranged mother whom he had not seen for the last thirty years, when an unexpected turn of events finds him hostage to a mad knife-wielding stranger. The unlikely duo embark on a dangerous journey of redemption that could lead them both to their eventual demise.  


Heath Bergersen, Kaushik Das, Kaleenah Edwards,Amanda Grillini

Director :Mirko Grillini Language :English Country :Australia
Producer :Kaushik Das, Mirko Grillini, Nadira Karunaratne Editor :Tabata Piccinelli Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Paul Seipel Year :2017 Duration:18 Mins


Director Name

Mirko Grillini

Director Biography

MIRKO GRILLINI is an Italian/Australian Actor and Director with almost 20 years experience in the film industry. Mirko has had a prolific career in front of the camera featuring in countless television shows and films. Some of his credits include The Leftovers, The Chronicles of Narnia, Wanted and Underbelly. Mirko soon discovered his love of film extended to behind the camera as well and so began his passion for directing. ReFraction marks his 5th directorial venture. After ReFraction, he is slated to direct an upcoming Feature Film that is currently in development. As an immigrant himself, Mirko understands fully the struggle of having to start life all over again in a new country and has grown a strong connection to this incredibly heart-warming story.

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