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Late night at a chawl in central Mumbai, a prostitute finds the courage to leave her sterile and meaningless life. A hostage girl escapes her kidnappers, causing a shootout between some gangsters. And a paralysed war veteran tries to walk after years of a sedentary lifestyle, All happening next door to each other in a singular uninterrupted shot.


Yashpal Sharma ,Trimala Adhikari, Vikrant Varma

Director :Aly Rana Language :Hindi Country :India
Producer :Prasun Jindal & Santosh Ramchandani Editor :Avikk Sharma Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Kumar Himanshu Year :2016 Duration:19 Mins


Director Name

Aly Rana

Director Biography

A cinephile and a biryani lover, Aly Rana has worked and got film education from institutes like DSK Supinfocom and Whistling Woods International. He has written and directed over 15 shorts in fiction, non fiction and ads. He was invited to China in 2015 to make a documentary on Buddhism. Some of his works like MOKSHA (2015) and Sanyog (2016) have received international acclaim at prestigious film festivals in countries like Italy, Canada, Germany, USA, France and India.

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