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Black In White


Roberto Carlos, 20, black, closed his day at work and runs to the bus stop, in front of the mall where he works. Distracted, he is approached violently by two policemen who handcuff him and throw him inside the car under accusations of theft, from a purse belonging to Isabella, who owns a restaurant. Isabella accuses him of robbery, Roberto Carlos, in his version, declares himself innocent, meanwhile, Delegate Patricia seeks the evidence of the accusations. The next morning, with the images of the security cameras, Roberto is not to blame. And to Isabella's surprise, the boy is white. The complaint is withdrawn, but Roberto decides to issue an incident report against Isabella and the police.


Marcos Oliveira, Maria Boop, Carolina Holanda, Taiguara Nazareth

Director :Valter Sousa Rege Language :Portuguese Country :Brazil
Producer :Maria Clara Fernandes Editor :Igor Dias Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Felipe Hermini Year :2016 Duration:15 Mins


Director Name

Valter Sousa Rege

Director Biography

Valter Rege, is author of the book "Always Friends", published by Multifoco in 2013. Director of audiovisual works and screenwriter. He began his professional career at age 15, writing and directing community. And he's still writing and directing movies that Related to social problems. Today she graduated in Radio and TV.

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