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The Migrumpies


Benny and Marko, two Viennese guys with so-called 'immigrant background', are completely integrated into society. So much so that they are hardly perceived as foreigners - if not for Benny's black hair. Confronted with ambitious TV director Weizenhuber, who is looking for protagonists for her TV documentary series about the ethnically mixed suburb Rudolfsgrund, they pretend to be petty criminals and hard-nosed migrants with a penchant for cunning and craftiness. To keep the lie from unraveling, they create a second identity for themselves made up of clichés and prejudices. And while these clichés fulfill expectations and make the show a success, they are simultaneously confronted with true stories of immigration – including their own... a politically incorrect comedy about modern clichés, false identities and 'real' foreigners – whatever that means!

Director :Arman T. Riahi Language :German Country :Austria
Producer :Karin C.Berger Editor :Arman T. Riahi Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Mario Minichmayr Year :2017 Duration:98 Mins


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Arman T. Riahi

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