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YKT Mumbai


YKT Mumbai explores the life behind stage performances and takes the audience into the world of one such group of passionate Yakshagana performers with an urge to understand what drives them to keep this ancient performing art alive and vibrating in an urban concrete jungle like Mumbai.  The film follows the narrative structure of a popular Yakshagana performance ( prasanga) and intercuts in between to reveal the backstage activities and the life beyond. It makes an attempt to bring to the fore the ground realities of the lives of the ‘people’ behind these colourful characters and tries to seek insights into their personal journeys and the reasons for their love for Yakshagana. The film also tries to explore the dynamics of doing Yakshagana shows in a mechanised Metropolis like Mumbai , where performing art forms are gradually being pushed to the sidelines due to the onslaught of electronic mass media. 


Vithal Prabhu, Shankar Nayak

Director :O P Srivastava Language :English Country :India
Producer :Usha Srivastava Editor :Prashant Pandit Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Pooja Sharma Year :2016 Duration:48 Mins


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O P Srivastava

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