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Helmsman (Kashtiban)


This story is about a teenage boy, named Hassan, whose brother’s trying to sell their father’s home and grounded ship for the financial problems. Hassan is dissatisfied for selling the ship. He tries to prevent of the ship selling. Hassan is waiting for the father’s return. He is going to rebuild the grounded ship for the father’s birthday.


Mehdi Mohajeri,Majid Deris, Yousef Khodaparast, Yousef Bakhtiyari, Hamideh Moghadaszadeh

Director :Majid Esmaeili-Parsa Language :other Country :Iran
Producer :Javad Gholizadeh Editor :Arash Ghasemi Screening Type:2D
Cinematographer :Mohammad Fakouri Year :2016 Duration:85 Mins


Director Name

Majid Esmaeili-Parsa

Director Biography

Majid Esmaeali was born in Tehran on 1980. He was graduated in Diploma of Arts. He began his artistic activities from 1996. Also he has produced and directed many TV, short, Documentary and feature films. Helmsman is the second feature of this director.

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